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COVID-19 Update
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SVL trail by Greg BascoSelva Verde trail by Greg  BascoSelva Verde Lodge & Holbrook Travel team up to support the Center for Responsible Travel, CREST


In the fall of 2017, Andrea Holbrook was invited to become a board member for CREST, an organization that strives to minimize tourism's negative impacts on the environment and maximize positive contributions to local communities.

If left unchecked, large-scale tourism and development can damage ecosystems, pollute environments, and exploit local communities. But traveling responsibly is not about halting development or staying home. It is about managing travel and destinations in an environmentally and culturally responsible way and designing tourism programs and individual trips carefully, to provide travelers with the experience they seek, while leaving a positive footprint on their destination.

The work that CREST does through education, field-based projects and providing consultation all strives to create a travel culture that’s mutually beneficial for travelers, their destinations and the environment.


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Until December 13th, CREST is sponsoring a Charity Buzz Auction and as a gesture of support to all the work this organization does, Holbrook Travel has donated a Selva Verde Lodge Travel Package. The package includes 3 nights at Selva Verde Lodge and Private Reserve followed by 3 nights at Savegre Lodge located in the cloud forest area near Tapanti National Park. And it includes transfers, most meals, and some tours!

We encourage you to support this program and the work they do, by bidding on the Selva Verde Package. For more details on the travel package, and how to bid on the trip, go here.