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See what previous guests have to say about Selva Verde Lodge & Rainforest Reserve and leave comments of your own!


Joe/Karen Borowitz & Louis/Fro Travis · 2008-01-31   Wallkill, NY
Wonderful God’s creation is magnified here may his name be hallowed and santitied may its Kingdom come, on this earth his will be done Great place –something to look forward to in paradise-pray for it!
Natalia · 2008-01-29  
El exito en la naturaleza se basa en el respeto entre las especies y su tendencies a buscar el equilibrio (eso sin negar la diversidad).en el momento en que un individuo toma ventaja de otro para sastifacer mas que sus necesidades basicas, pone en riesgo el ecosistema y su propia sobrevivencia , siendo los seres humanos parte de la naturaleza estos fenomenos nos suceden a nosotros como individuos e incluso a las administraciones . deberiamos aprender de nuestro alrededor antes que cabemos nuestra propia tumba.
Sapain Family · 2008-01-24   Englewood, NJ
Selva Verde Lodge was awesome! It’s so cool to have a hotel in the jungle! Rafting was so much fun and jumping off the bridge. Our stay here will be greatly remembered.
Elin Hofman & Henry Smith · 2008-01-23  
Wonderful days here we saw crocodiles-monkey-turtles-a little green frog-lots of birds and many other animals we don’t know the English word for. Sad to leave from here and sad to leave this wonderful country and go to cold, cold Denmark in February.
Elga · 2008-01-10  
¡Que bueno! Wood leaf naturalists from No California had an amazing experience. TU casa es muy bonita mucho mucho gracias!
Jerry Lo Kahy · 2008-01-06   New York, NY
Selva Verde is fantastic! The staff is phenomenal. They helped me endlessly; and always with good cheer and smiles. The natural beauty is amazing! I would love to come back! P.S Until the Garden of Eden is rebuilt, Selva Verde may be closest thing we have to It.
ATripAdvisorMember · 2007-09-07   Pennsylvania, PA
I've stayed at a lot of hotels and this was, by far, the best i have ever stayed in. It is right in the middle of the rainforest and its beautiful. Its great for sight seeing. in the time that i was there i saw 2 different types of poison dart frogs, tucans, parrots, and many other things. The rooms are very nice too. over all its absolutely amazing
DR_PS · 2007-09-07   Washington D.C., WA
This is one of the best places to stay in Costa Rica if you want to have a rainforest experience. The rooms are in the forest and are connected to each other and the rest of the hotel through mainly elevated and covered walkways. The location is incredible since it is right next to the river and within the rainforest. There are lots of activities and the staff was extremely nice and knowledgeable. Food was great and the price was reasonable. I cannot wait to get back there next year!!
HomeSchoolFamily · 2007-09-07   Nevada City, CA
We are a family of 4 with two boys ages 7 and 9. This was our first stop on a month long visit to Costa Rica. We found Selva Verde a great balance between nature and comfortable lodging. We went on a raft trip the first day that was great. We saw monkeys, many birds, and some snakes! The dining hall was great with nice views of the river. The boys loved swimming in the pool every day. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The guided nature walks were very informative. We highly recommend Selva Verde Lodge!
curse10 · 2007-09-07   Boston, MA
Selva Verde is beautiful. The Lodge is actually on two lots, divided by the road. My husband and I stayed in a bungalow away from the main lodge area across the road. We were the only ones over there! Completely awesome! Our room was gorgeous. Clean, spacious, and inches away from the rain forest. The only bummer: I chose Selva Verde because they have a private rainforest reserve you could allegedly wander about it. We headed over the suspension bridge across the river to the reserve. Locked! Turns out a bunch of tourists got lost and now they only allow you in with a guide. Boo! Anyway- instead of hiking around we took a cooking class, which wasn't as lame as it sounds. That was actually the best meal we had at Selve Verde. The lodge only has buffet style meals that are obviously mass produced and not that good. However, when we left early the next morning the staff was more than happy to pack us a lunch for our road trip. Everyone at Selva Verde was helpful, polite, and warm. We also explored our half of the grounds. There were supposed to be hiking trails, but they looked as if they hadn't been used in years. Which was fine with us. During the first trek we encountered a family of Spider Monkeys that stalked us through the jungle. It was amazing. There is tons of wildlife everywhere and the grounds are beautiful.