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See what previous guests have to say about Selva Verde Lodge & Rainforest Reserve and leave comments of your own!


ohilski@aeb-hildesheim.de · 2011-08-21   Hildesheim, GE
Greetings from Germany sends the first JFC AEB Hildesheim. You have a , made good site. Then you can be proud of. All the best for the future! I would be delighted if you visited our HP once. Oliver Hilski 1st JFC AEB Hildesheim
millsidecafe@embarqmail.com · 2011-05-08  
We stayed at La Selva Biological sunday and monday, then moved on to Selva Verde Lodge tuesday and left thursday am. The lodging was fine. our rooms looked clean and checking was good. Then a few surprises started. We originally booked here knowing you had primary forest across the river. Only to find out, on arrival that it is only accessible through the guides. What? are you kidding me, I had asked the travel agent this question, was told no problem. We are naturalists that spent nights out in La Selva finding and taking pictures of many nocturnal animals, mostly frogs and snakes. so we made due with what we could on your "accesible"trails. We decided to go for a drive only to find out, upon returning that the whole lodge goes into a lock down(never told to us in check-in or on your website. We also found this out when trying to hike the secondary forest on the opposite side of the road. but even with some of these downfalls, we enjoyed our stay. We did pay for one guided hike just to get into the primary forest. Alexander was excellent. He took time to explain local history to my sons,helped us find some nice Hog-nosed vipers. Please tell him we were able to find a boa constrictor the night before we left, another fer-de-lance,and a nice casque headed lizard. I would still recommend your facility to others and would consider returning(with some changes made before we arrived) thank you for a nice time. Doug Weiss
annajohn@windstream.net · 2011-03-27   Kerrville, TX
Everything was perfect! Delicious food, unbelievable flowers and surroundings, great canopy tour, rafting. Amazing birds right at your front door. Thank You! Thank You! We were there as part of a Road Scholar tour.
megan.groshong@gmail.com · 2011-02-14   Cambridge, NE
I stayed here with my Eco Teach trip and I loved it here, absolutely gorgeous!!!
gugfam43017@gmail.com · 2010-07-10   Dublin, OH
Our kids are there now so please give a shout out to the Columbus Zoo gang!
pyan5@aol.com · 2010-04-06   Ottawa, ON
Thanks to everyone at Selva Verde Lodge. Our stay at Selva Verde was the highlight of our entire trip to Costa Rica. We will recommend Selva Verde to our friends who may consider visiting Costa Rica. Ping and Louise from Ottawa
shernandez@pbrp.com · 2010-03-06  
Hi Michael I want to thank you again for your excellent guiding at Selva Verde Lodge.
wrider0213@mailshell.org · 2009-11-17  
hello everyone
lurc@bellsouth.net · 2009-11-12   Baton Rouge, LA
I have been bringing groups from La.to Selva Verde for 15 years and hope to for 15 more at least. Everybody loves the place, the food, and the staff. It is top notch and a must stay. Hats of to the Holbrooks and their management team. Louis Miller
joyce.skelly@yahoo.com · 2009-11-08   Rutland, Vt
My daughter was recently married at Selva Verde lodge. It was a small wedding, but there were no details spared. From the way the staff set up the room for the ceremony (with beautiful tropical flowers) to the table settings for the reception, everything was perfect. The lodge itself is natural and rustic, yet very comfortable. The wildlife was awesome. Lots of things we've never seen before. Thank you to the staff of Selva Verde and to Frank Richmond and Holbrook Travel. Sincerely, The mother of the Bride P.S. Thank you to all our very friendly and fun guides.